New For 2017: Attachable Earmuffs for Eyewear by SunMuffs®

Ever wonder why you shake, shudder and shiver when it's cold?

Your body needs to keep a temperature of 98.6 degrees. When it drops, your muscles get to work. Shivering warms the body.

Ears have no muscles. They can't shiver. And they are away from the body. 

We love hats, we love wrap around earmuffs, we love all head gear. The only thing we don't love is over heating or hair that can't be fixed after wearing these items. Functional Fashion SunMuffs are adjustable earmuffs that attach to any eyewear with stretch, no slip loops. Wear your sunglasses or prescription glasses with SunMuffs. Being attached to eyewear keeps the earmuffs from falling off and keeps them perfectly comfortable.